I don’t know about you, but I have to have my coffee in the morning (before I do anything else!). It’s not the caffeine that I crave, but the ritual of having it while I read my devotionals and emails. I really don’t even care for it if  I can’t have it the exact way I like it. I drink “children’s coffee”. It has to be the precise color of cafe au lait, with the right amount of coconut creamer (french vanilla) and stevia. Once I have it, it’s a good morning!

So, we had been using a Keurig (just for the ease) for about three years, before the cancer diagnosis, and while I was going through treatment. One day, as I was reading something on health, an article came up on how really gross the Keurig is. Why??? Because you can’t remove all of the water on the inside tubes, and if you can’t do that, then what does that water do in there? It turns to mold and algae. I was totally disgusted when I read that. I immediately threw ours in the trash and told my children to do the same with theirs. My oldest son thought I was whackadoodle (as usual) and kept using his until…he actually saw mold. He called me, and said I was totally right (as usual!!!). Needless to say, he got rid of his and bought a regular drip coffee maker. Am I making too much out of it? You can read this, and decide for yourself.

Not only are the Keurig Coffee makers pretty gross on the inside, the pods are impossible to recycle. Do you know that the inventor of the K-Cups says he feels bad that he made it? You can read what he says HERE. So, it was back to a regular drip coffee maker for us and all of our children. Is it perfect? No, you still have to clean those, but at least there aren’t as many parts and tubes to worry about. What I really want to try is a french press. At least you know that you can get that really clean. I don’t want to panic anyone,  I just wanted to make you aware of what you might be ingesting if you’ve had a Keurig for a while. Pouring my second cup from this (on sale) and frothing my coconut cream in this!

Have a great day!

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