A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting the wonderfully talented jewelry designer,  Kimberly McDonald, at Forty Five Ten in Dallas. She was there for a trunk show to show off her new  jaw-dropping designs. I have seen her jewelry many times, but have never met her. She is a native of North Carolina, living in Los Angeles, and is the most lovely, fun, and down to earth girl.

She has a following of celebrities wearing her jewelry;  First Lady Michelle Obama, Demi Moore, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Lambert, Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Madonna,  just to name a FEW!

Kimberly uses all natural and organic materials, such as agates and geodes, and pairs them with diamonds, raw emeralds, and baroque pearls. She says, that “jewelry was initially created to carry symbolic talismans and stones of energy and import” She still believes it should have that meaning. I told her that I had some nice pieces of jewelry that I hardly wore, and she responded by telling me to get them out and let them play!

My friend, Deb Stern, Kimberly McDonald and me

I enjoyed meeting her so much, and feel that if she lived here in Dallas, she would be my best friend. I have a feeling that she makes everyone feel like that. She is a total “Rock” Star!!!

How about the longhorn for Texas!!!
My photos do not do these pieces justice. The opals were on fire!
The emerald to the left is AMAZING!!!
There is a piece in this photo that I have my eye on. I have a big anniversary this summer, and am keeping my fingers crossed…hint hint.