Did you know that May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month? I am a huge fan of the skincare line Cle de Peau, and this UV protection cream is what I am using for the spring and summer months. It is an advanced sunscreen that helps prevent signs of photo aging (and who doesn’t want that?). It is applied in the morning before using a foundation, and works as a primer as well. I particularly like this one, but there are many great sunscreens on the market. 

Buy it here
This anti-aging primer, by La Roche-Posay, is also a great one. It feels very “velvety” when applying and helps smooth, fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. Buy it here
Susan Posnick makes a great product called, Colorflo. It is the perfect product to keep in your handbag or in your car. It’s a powder that is dusted on the face, neck, head, and hands. I use this every day, over my foundation, ( I swear that it covers imperfections like nothing I’ve ever used!) and on my hands, especially while driving. Susan created this product after she developed skin cancer on her face. You can read more about her, and order it here
I am begging you to please use one (or two) to protect yourself from skin cancers, but also, so you don’t end up looking like