If you are like me and wait for the very last minute to do anything (which I’m sure you are not), you are probably up early with a to do list a mile long today. Fortunately for me this year, Thanksgiving will be at my son and daughter-in-law’s, which frees me from having to worry about setting the Thanksgiving table.

Just in case you are hosting and trying to do it all, I have found some of my favorite photos of Thanksgiving table settings, that would be easy to replicate. Hopefully you are prepared, but if not, maybe something below will help.

All white, easy peasy

Quick arrangement 

I adore this for children

Pears and Bittersweet

Flowers and fruit

All in the details

 I just love this


Fruit and flowers in silver containers

Less is a lot more here
Which will leave you time to enter your Thanksgiving meal like this

Photos via Pinterest HERE