Photo: Le Prunier

Photo: Luk

Photo: Pour Moi

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you have had a great week! I am feeling a bit stressed today. My husband and I road tripped it to Austin this week to visit our daughter and attend a panel she was speaking on at the Google Headquarters. Wow…that place is amazing! I felt so fortunate to get to see it. Anyway, of course, we are proud parents because we think she knocked it out of the park! Leaving town, even for a few days puts me behind, and that’s why I am stressed. I am leaving again on Sunday for a few days. Here I go again!!!

A couple of weeks back, I got to attend the Neiman Marcus Indie beauty expo. They sent out the invitation and a box of products to preview, and my heart soared! Okay, a little dramatic, but beauty products are my thing (remember this last post on beauty?)! Neiman’s beauty team picked through about 200 submissions of Indie brands and selected their favorite fifteen (I told them that if they need help sampling next time, I am available!) All of the brand founders were there to meet and I wanted to introduce you to three that I really liked.

Le Prunier– the founders of this brand are the three Taylor sisters who grew up on their parent’s plum farm close to Sacremento. The family decided to shift to organic farming and expand their operations to facilities in Europe and Asia. The girls would travel with their father to these places, often frequenting Japan and Korea, when they learned how the Asian culture regards the plum as a superfood. This got these sisters thinking about their main commodity, and Le Prunier oil was born! This oil is an anti-aging multi-purpose oil. While talking to the sisters, one of them brought up the fact that the oil has helped her eczema. As an eczema sufferer, I bought it to try. I am obsessed with this oil. I use it on my face, under my eyes, on my eczema, and mixed with my body lotion. I cannot tell you how good it smells too! This oil is my favorite new product!!!

Luk Beautyfood– Cindy Luken is a food scientist in Australia that developed a line of lipsticks that is made from food, 100% natural, and toxin free. Y’all…these lipsticks taste amazing! I bought six tubes, because not only do they nourish the lips, but they smell and feel great! I am now a huge fan! These would make a fun Christmas gift for girlfriends!

Pour Moi– This brand is the idea of Ulli Haslacher and Frank Assuma. These products are the world’s first climate-smart skincare that uses science to target desert, tropical, temperate, and polar environments. The day creams differ per climate to optimize skin-saving results across a full spectrum of weather elements and pollution levels. I am trying this out and really like it! Of course, I started with the Face of Dallas.

Many of these products are at Neiman Marcus for a short time. They would make great Christmas gifts for the women in your life who love beauty products. I hope you all have a great weekend!!! xx