Good Morning Everyone! I’m so excited to tell you about two devices that I have been using and really like a lot! The first device is the NuFace mini facial toning device and the second is the Foreo Luna mini Sonic Face Brush. The NuFace device, is a small portable micro current facial toning device, that was FDA approved for facial stimulation.  The device stimulates the larger surface areas of the face to provide a 5 minute face lift and improve appearance. It works by delivering low level micro-current impulses to the face. You can use it on your jawline, cheekbones and forehead.

The device has to always be used with the NuFace primer. The primer is applied over the section you will treat, and it takes about five minutes to treat the whole face. Simply smooth the primer on and make 3 passes on 3 different areas of the face (be sure to use the gel, or you will feel a little bit of a sting). There is an adjustment on the device for personalized comfort. I have been using for about two weeks now, and can notice a marked improvement in my skin. I feel like my cheekbones look more sculpted.

I did a little digging into what micro current facials are good for (besides the toning and lifting effect), and this is what I found out. It increases muscle tone, improves collagen and elastin production, soothes skin, heals skin more rapidly,  and increases the blood and lymph flow. These are good enough reasons for me to use it! There are a few precautions…if you have a negative reaction, obviously stop using, and If you have heart problems, talk to your doctor.

The second product I want to mention is the Luna mini Sonic Face Brush. This brush pulses rather than scrubs like other facial brushes, and has eight adjustable intensities for a better cleansing experience. Plus it is a lot cleaner than other brush types. It’s super small and comes in five fun colors (black for guys). I use it with my favorite cleanser at night and I really like the way my skin feels after using it! I am doing whatever I can these days to make sure that I treat my skin well! Interested in winning this dynamic duo? One winner will receive a LUNA mini, NuFACE mini and a tote ($323 value)! You can enter by: Go HERE to…
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I am in Austin this morning, getting ready to head back to Dallas. I came in town to help my daughter and her fiancé unpack their first house. It was pretty disastrous when I arrived, but as I get ready to leave, it looks more like a home. We were busy all weekend, but did get time to meet with the wedding planner, see all of the venues, see a sweet college friend,  and purchase some furniture. I will be back here several times before the wedding, and am really liking Austin a lot! I hope you had a great weekend, and that it is a great week for you!


Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

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