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Hi, gang! Well, we started heading back from Ohio to Dallas yesterday with a pit stop in Nashville again at our new favorite hotel, The Graduate. That place makes me so happy! We will get home later this afternoon. A sixteen-hour drive does not do any of us over 50 any favors on the old’ sit bones! We complained about it on the way there about every four hours or so! Today, I am so excited to share a brand that was new to me with all of you! Meet Sustainable Youth®

About Sustainable Youth

I am a big believer in the benefits of ingesting  Aloe Vera juice because it is believed to fight and cure digestive disorders, like poor digestion, constipation, and acidity. It also helps flush out toxins. I was so excited to learn that Sustainable Youth contains an ingredient called alasta®, a new innovation that is a supercharged high tech version of aloe vera that is exclusive to Sustainable Youth. This aloe vera is extracted from the rind of the aloe vera plant. We all know the benefits of how amazing aloe vera is to healing the skin! 

The aloe vera that is sustainably sourced to create the alasta® is cut by hand to preserve the integrity of the plant. Unlike other aloe farming, it is only cut during the hours when the active ingredient is present in the plant. The commitment to the purity and quality of their organic and natural ingredients come from the farm to the factories with a strict green code of sustainability! All of the products are made with organic, natural, and green ingredients. The essential oils are all organic as well. There is never testing on animals and are free of petrolatum, propylene glycol, and parabens.

There are five anti-aging products in the collection from Sustainable Youth®

And I have enjoyed each one of them. These products help the skin’s ability to repair, restore, and rejuvenate, which in turn, results in youthful and radiant skin. 

So, let’s talk about the products that all contain alasta®.

The first is the Ultra Creamy Cleansing Lotion®

This cleanser is a gentle and effective formula that cleanses the skin by removing all traces of makeup, even waterproof eyeliner, and mascara without harsh surface-active agents that can dehydrate and strip the natural oils from the skin.

The next product is the Lightweight Anti-Aging Firming & Revitalizing Serum.

This serum absorbs into the skin to promote a radiant glow while delivering superior daytime benefits to help combat everyday stressors and pollutants. This natural serum is perfect for all skin types.

The Ultra Hydrating Anytime Cream

A lightweight intensive cream that can be used morning and night to hydrate and revitalize skin. I love that it also contains organic virgin olive oil and virgin flaxseed oil, macadamia nut oil, pure jojoba seed oil, organic virgin coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. This is one of my favorite products!

The Skin Rejuvenating Super Boost Night Serum®

aApotent night serum that works to rejuvenate the skin while you sleep. As your body goes into “repair mode” this serum gives the skin time to restore and rebalance. This has two times the concentration of the alasta® for fast-acting results. 

The last product in the collection is the Anytime Lift Eye Treatment®

This is a lightweight, non-greasy multi-purpose treatment to help reduce all signs of aging. It contains a cooling formula that helps minimize dark circles and puffiness to provide a more rested and refreshed look.

I like the fact that Sustainable Youth® works to minimize the effect on the environment by obtaining their ingredients from only sustainable sources. They never source products from any species of plants that are endangered. The products are kinder to your skin and the environment. I have enjoyed using them so much. I feel like my skin feels super clean and hydrated! If you would like to try the products, you can get 20% off your purchase with code: CATHY20 through 8/31/2020.

Sustainable Youth SKincare used by Dallas Blogger

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I am not looking forward to unpacking my bag later today. And I took entirely too many clothes, shoes, and cosmetics that were not used. I know we will get home and crash from the drive. Why does sitting for so many hours make you tired? We are done for a few weeks and are planning another road trip that will be even longer! Yikes!

I hope you all have a great day and be well!

Thank you, Sustainable Youth, for sponsoring this post!

Photos: Beckley & Co