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Oh Lordy…do I wish I had on this outfit and was eating dinner in Dallas right now! Instead, I have not washed my hair, and have worn the same jeans and sweatshirt for the past three days(with dust all over them)…EEEW! We drove to Nashville on Monday, and have started the moving in process in THE dustiest house I have ever seen. There is still reconstruction going on, and no way to keep up with the dust. I look like I should really be writing a fashion blog with the same outfit on and my nose running like a faucet!!!

The house was built in 1985, and needed some love! We have gutted the master bath and are making a wonderful new closet, that I will be so glad to have! It was an attic, but we are making it into his and hers, with a shoe room, built in makeup vanity for me, daybed, and a bar area for coffee and maybe champagne??? It is not ready, so in the meantime, we will be living in a guest room downstairs…if we ever move in! We have been staying at our good friend’s home, and keep telling her, “we promise we will be out tomorrow”! I think tomorrow night may be the night. I had lots of help yesterday getting it as clean as we could.  The next phase will be to redo the kitchen, but after this, we might be waiting a while to do it!

I photographed this outfit before we left. This is my favorite look for meeting friends for dinner. White jeans, silky top, blazer and killer shoes. It’s my dressy casual look at all times. I think wherever you live, you can wear something like this out for dinner at most places. I am loving this soft pink and black top from Club Monaco. They have had some really great pieces lately. What are your go to outfits for dinners out?

I am wearing freshly washed jeans and have washed my hair today! Hopefully we have removed most of the dust, until they start sanding my living room…UGH!!!  Have a great day!!!

Blazer// similar Here and Here ,Top// Club Monaco, White jeans// Paige, Shoes// Valentino (I ordered a half size larger), Rings// Ellie Jay Jewels, Bag//