woman wearing BLACK SWEATER VEST and camouflage pants standing

Happy Friday! Well, guess who has Covid? Yep, my husband and I both tested positive on Wednesday. So, we don’t understand how he has it again (he had it in September). I was convinced I would not get it since I have been so good about taking all of my supplements, and I haven’t gotten it so far, but here I am. It started with what felt like a sinus infection, then a very runny nose and headache. Wednesday, I had bad body aches (especially my back). I am feeling so much better today, and fingers crossed that I will be 100% by the weekend because I have a special delivery coming tonight (look at the bottom of this post!)!


Did any of you get on the sweater vest trend last spring and fall? I know this trend has been around for a bit, but I think you will see them again this year. Preppy is one of the trends for 2022, and of course, that includes the sweater vest. I remember wearing them in college! I don’t want to dress in full “prep” style, but adding a sweater vest over a white button-down with a pair of jeans or over a dress is okay by me. So, I think a sweater vest gives a simple outfit a little more personality.

I bought the black sweater vest I’m wearing a few months ago at Club Monaco and there are a few sizes left (comes in white too). This vest is technically a bouclé tank, but I think it qualifies as a vest. The good news is that you can also wear it under a jacket without a shirt underneath. The pants are from Nili Lotan, and I am obsessed with them. These pants are LOW-waisted. I know a high-rise is what we have all been wearing for a while now but, I think you will see low-rise available again (I know I have).


Styling My Sweater and Camo

I know many of you will never go back to a low-waist pant, but I prefer them because I think they are more comfortable around my stomach (could be because I am constipated all of the time!). I’m not saying I’m going completely low-rise, but I’m not opposed to them. This particular pant comes in lots of other solid colors here.






woman wearing BLACK SWEATER VEST and camouflage pants with hands in her pocket woman wearing BLACK SWEATER VEST and camouflage pants woman wearing BLACK SWEATER VEST

I am going to get up today and wash my hair, get dressed, and put makeup on in hopes that I will feel like myself. Also, I have plans on doing a few things around the house. I wish I had gotten this product to take with me to Florida. Maybe it would have helped prevent Covid. I have heard using this in your nose every day is very beneficial. Get some!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay well and safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

Sweater Vest // Shirt // Pants // Sneakers // Belt (similar) // Bag (similar)






Doesn’t this little face put a smile on yours? She is ours, and we will pick her up at the airport late tonight, outside, of course! (I had to hire a pet nanny to fly her from Idaho!). We are a little nervous about how our little Maisie will react to her. It may be a rough couple of days, but hopefully, they will love each other. I already love this little girl!