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Bra-llelujah, Bra-llelujah, Bra-llelujah, Bra-lle-lujah (to the tune of Hallelujah)! Get ready to thank the bra God’s (really it’s Spanx) for coming up with the new Bra-llelujah line! Y’all, these bras are fabulous, and we should all be singing about them. The Bra-llelujah line from Spanx are the most comfortable bras I’ve ever tried. They are so comfortable that Spanx is offering a 30-Day risk free trial. If you don’t like your Bra-llelujah purchase, you can return the bra within 30 days risk free with free return shipping. I’d say they are pretty positive that you are going to love them! You can also use the promo code: CATHY15 to receive 15% off any full price Bra-llelujah purchase!

So, what makes these bras from Spanx so comfy?

First of all, they have self-adjusting hosiery straps that don’t dig into your shoulders. Second, there is a patented back smoothing band so that there is no VBL (visible bra lines), and third, they have front-closures for less hardware and more comfort. These bras make your back look amazing under all types of shirts like tees or clingy fabrics, helping create a smooth finish. After my reconstruction from breast cancer, I have a lumpy area on the right side of my back (they took my latissimus muscle to reconstruct with), and it bothers me in clingy fabrics. The straps on these bras make it so much nicer looking.

There are six styles to chose from.

The Full Coverage (comes in tons of colors), Unlined Full Coverage, Wireless Full Coverage, Wireless, Bralette, and Racerback. In the first photos (without PJ top on), I am wearing the Racerback. After surgery, my twins are hard, round, and don’t move much, but can you believe these girls are from a mastectomy and reconstruction (not bad)? What I love about this Racerback is that it is free from metal hardware and elastic. It has a patented all-hosiery back that smooths lumps and bumps and keeps its shape. The bra is offered in sizes 32B-32C, 34A-34C, 36A-36B (Kissed back version) and the Crisscross version in sizes 32D, 34-D-34DD, 36C-36DD, 38B-38DD

The second bra I am wearing is the Bralette. This bra is my favorite! You could actually sleep in it and not even notice it. The bralette comes without metal hardware or elastic and has the patented all-hosiery smoothing back. It is available in sizes XS-XL. Now, if your girls are less perky and need a lift, the Demi Lift Bra is for you!  All of the bras come in black and nude, and some have other colors or prints.

If you all have tried Spanx other products like the leggings or the shapewear, then you know how fabulous their brand is. I probably don’t really need a bra anymore after my surgery, but the nipples were saved, and therefore I do need a bra. The Bralette is the answer to all of my bra dilemmas! Every item that I have ever tried from Spanx has lived up to its expectations, and these bras are fabulous. So fabulous, that my daughter in law has swiped several from me! You all will love these bras!

One other thing while we are talking about Spanx, have you all tried their leggings?

OMG!!! They are amazing! I learned about them from the daughter in law mentioned above in law. She wears them all of the time, and so I had to try them. They are fantastic! I particularly like the black faux leather and the essential legging. Can you believe these are Spanx as well? Did you know that Spanx also has swimsuits??? I know what I am ordering for my beach trip!




Spanx Bra-llelujah Racerback Bra Spanx Bra-llelujah Racerback Bra Spanx Bra-llelujah Bralette Bra Spanx Bra-llelujah Bralette Bra Spanx Bra-llelujah Bralette Bra

I hope you all will try one or two of the bras and let me know if you love them as much as I do. We are headed back home fromNew York today. I had some great meetings and got to visit with a sweet friend, so the trip was fun and successful! We are taking my mom and dad dinner tonight for their anniversary. We had the 60th party last week but today is the actual day. It’s hard to get my dad out, so we are taking dinner to them. I hope you all have a great day! xx

Don’t forget to use code: CATHY15!

Thank you to Spanx, for sponsoring this post!

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

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