Blue Blazer with Leopard shoes from TalbotsClassic Blue Blazer and White Shirt from Talbots

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have some fun plans for the long weekend. I am having my dad’s 80th birthday dinner here tonight. My dad has had many (scary) health issues for years and to say that he made it to 80 is a blessing! The whole family will be here and I am sure it will end up being a classic Williamson dinner that could end up with loud music and dancing! My daughter is flying in from a work trip, and I will drive her back to Austin on Sunday and hopefully make it back to town on Monday just in time for a barbeque! Speaking of classic, today, I am partnering with Talbots to talk about the classic style that I get from my mama!

Have you ever thought about your style and where it comes from?

Are you like your grandmother, mom, sister, or did you have a friend whose style you admired? I have to say, that as a little girl, I always thought my mom was so glamorous. I remember the colossal beehive hairstyle (might still have a little one), false lashes, and beautiful clothes she wore. As I got older, she may have ditched the lashes but full makeup was always on, and her clothes were always the most beautiful and fashionable. She has always loved color, but black and white have always been my mom’s classic go to’s in the most dazzling way! I have never seen my mom leave the house without hair and makeup done and well dressed, even to go to the grocery store!

I think my style has evolved from my mom. We may not dress in the same way now, because life is so much more casual, but the core came from her. No matter what trend or style has come and go, I have always leaned to classic pieces. I think I can say that my style has always been classic with a twist. I got so excited when Talbots asked me to collaborate on their “Back to Classics” campaign. There is nothing better than having classic pieces that stand the test of time. My mom and I might not wear the same styles, but we both can agree that classic pieces can be worn by everyone in different ways. Every generation can agree over classics! What does my daughter always go for in my closet? Any classic piece that I have!

My Mom’s Classic Style

My mom and I picked out a few pieces that we loved and what you see are pretty and stylish but very classic. Mom is wearing the perfect shirt in white (no iron). If you don’t have a white button down, please get one! They are the ultimate classic piece! She added this colorblock vest ( heavy enough to wear on chilly days) and a simple high waist legging. She also added these simple booties and beautiful bag that are lasting pieces. Mom always has on jewelry or a beautiful scarf to complete her outfits.



My Classic Style

When I looked at the website to pick out my outfit, I got so excited because Talbots shot their newest campaign in London. I am a huge Anglophile! Every time I have been to London, my heart feels a connection there. I must have lived there in a previous life and am sure I was a royal!!!

Anyway, it was so easy for me to choose an outfit. I started with the classic of all classics, and that is leopard print! How adorable are these driving moccasins? If you are looking for a comfortable flat, this is it. I could wear these all day long! I fell in love with this beautiful navy tweed jacket. It has a longer silhouette with fringed trim along the collar, front patch, and bottom hem. I thought the crewneck sweatshirt was so fun to wear underneath but on its own as well. The jeans I am wearing are the girlfriend style that I would suggest sizing down on. I thought they looked super cute with the jacket and shoes.

There are so many beautiful classic pieces at Talbots and the best part, is that every single one of our pieces are on sale! This is a great time to stock up on turtlenecks, jackets, denim jackets ( I heart this one), and cashmere sweaters! In my opinion, having classic pieces make getting dressed much easier.



The Classics from Talbots worn by The Middle Page and MomThe Middle Page and Mom wearing the Classics from TalbotsGray and Black Colorblock Vest and Navy Jacket from Talbotsleopard shoes and navy blazer from TalbotsCathy and her mama

I loved shooting this post with my mom.

Honestly, I wish you all could meet her because she is hilarious and a freak of nature! I say that in the best possible way ever. The woman never ages! She has never had a facelift, botox, or filler and has not been in the sun since I can remember. Classic style has been passed down to me but she has also preached the importance of taking care of your skin.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! xx

Thank you, Talbots, for sponsoring this post!

Photos: Vanessa Christina

My mom’s outfit:

Shirt // Vest // Legging // Boot // Bag // Scarf

My outfit:

Jacket // Sweatshirt // Jeans // Shoes