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Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a great week! I went to Austin on Tuesday to spend time with my daughter and got back yesterday afternoon. We had such a good time tooling around Austin and hanging out with a few of her good friends. It was such an easy trip for me because I took the Vonlane, which is the most fabulous way to get to Austin or Houston from Dallas. It’s like a first-class airplane on wheels (with a nice big bathroom!)! I did blow off writing a post while I was with her, so please forgive me for that. No offense to you all, my friends, but time with family is most important!

So, today, the Chic at Every Age girls are all about the fun of graphic tees.

During my latest shopping trips to various stores, I have seen graphic tees from Target to expensive designers. Whether or not you want to voice your opinion through one or wear your favorite band, they are cute and comfortable. I think a graphic tee looks great under a jacket or cardigan, and that’s the way I wear them, but a few other ways could be with a skirt ( like Sam did above) or trousers with heels, and with a pantsuit. Worn any of these ways, the fun of graphic tees are a great way to express your thoughts or favorite things!

My favorite place to find graphic tees are at Free People.

They always have a great selection. How do you all feel about wearing them? Is there an age where you think you shouldn’t wear them anymore? Curious to know your thoughts! The jacket I am wearing was bought in Birmingham, and I can’t find the exact one anywhere (so sorry), but you can head to the brand’s website and find others or create your own. This brand also has graphic tees!




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We have a hectic weekend. First, we are having dinner with friends tonight and tomorrow heading to the SMU tailgate and game (only supposed to be 102 tomorrow!). Both my husband and I went to school there, and we have been horrible fans. We are going to start going to the games more when Alabama is not playing at the same time. My husband is a die-hard Alabama fan and will not miss a game (watches on TV). Sunday morning Heather and I leave bright and early for a few days in New York for fashion week. Forgive me again if my posting is lax next week too!

Have a great weekend you all! xx

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