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Good Morning, everyone! I hope you all are doing well! I am so far behind on a lot of things right now. Also, I had so much fun with my friend here last week, but that means everything got put on hold. I am a big believer in spending quality time with friends and family that travel to see me; however, it’s hard to play catch up (but so worth it!). I was supposed to be in LA right now. My daughter is there for a month, and I was going to go and help her with the baby for a few days, but my husband has come down with a severe case of vertigo that won’t go away. I had no idea that there was such a thing as the Dallas Dizziness Center, but there is, and he has an appointment on Thursday.

Heather (of So Heather) and I bought the same leather blazer (shock!) and wanted to shoot it together. This blazer is from Veronica Beard (another shock!) and is so cool! We both wanted it in this beautiful fall rusty brick color, but it is also available in a gorgeous dark green and black. I kind of want the green one too, but unless it goes on sale, it won’t make it to my closet.  There is also a pair of jogger-style pants available that match the blazer. I love the slim fit and longer length of this blazer. I have several leather blazers from Veronica Beard, and the quality is always so good. Leather blazers are an investment, but I have several that have been in my closet for years that I still wear, and they are one of my very favorite items to wear year-round (except in the heat of the summer) but especially in the fall. They can be worn dressed up or down and are a versatile piece to have in your closet.

Styling My Leather Blazer

I am wearing a pair of flare jeans from Veronica beard that I love! I think flare jeans are so fun in the fall with a pair of boots, plus, as I’ve said before, they make your legs look super long! You may remember this plaid tee that I wore (here) that I am glad I bought. I have worn it more than anything else in my closet the last few weeks by itself, under cardigans and jackets. Plaid is a quintessential fall look! I have also been wearing this fun mesh turtleneck with the blazer (size up). Please scroll down to see my favorite leather and leather-like blazers (this week, ha!) and fun tops to go under them.




two women walking woman touching her hair and wearing leather blazer woman standing outside a store woman walking woman smiling and wearing her Leather Blazer

I will try and start putting up some gift guides on Friday, although they are not going to look nice. I am without any help and do not know how to make pretty collages. Also, I am hoping that you all will excuse that if I show you some great ideas for gifts. You all are a sweet group of women, and I know that will be the case! Thank you for that!

I hope you have a great day! Stay safe and be well! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

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