FAUX FUR AND GRAPHIC TEES STYLED TWO WAYSCathy Williamson and Heather Anderson in Los Angeles Dallas Bloggers wearing a faux fur jacket from Frame

Well, hello there! How was your weekend? We had THE most low-key one ever. Our oldest son (the defector to Ohio ;)) came to town and had shoulder surgery on Friday morning. We hung out here on Friday night, and I swear, I think I was in bed by 9:30. Saturday was a gorgeous day for football! We went to the SMU football game, and they won! I am so excited and happy for my alma mater! Saturday night, we (the boys) cooked in, and we had a quiet but yummy dinner at home. Last night, my sister-in-law arrived, for a few days and I had my parents over for dinner too. Now that I write it all out, maybe it wasn’t that low-key!

Trip to LA Details

Today, Heather, of So Heather and I are showing a fab faux fur and graphic tees that we took along to LA a few weeks back. Heather and I love to travel together, and LA is one of our favorite places. We went for just a few days, and it was just enough time to shop, eat at our favorite places (Mr. Chow and The Ivy), see the Louis Vuitton X Exhibit, and visit with our good friend, Janet. Heather is one of my very favorite people to travel with. We love shopping, cruising the streets (haha, not in a hooker way, in a window-shopping way!), and eating at the same places.  We always keep our eyes open for star sightings, and this trip, we saw (really I did) The Weeknd, and The Queen of Versailles. I saw “The Queen” at The Ivy while Heather was in the restroom. I had no idea who she was but heard her yell out to a tour bus. All I know is that she had the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen in my life! I had stayed at the Sunset Marquis before, but this was Heather’s first time. We got bumped up to a villa, and it was heaven! We even got massages at their beautiful spa!

A Chic Faux Fur Coat

We took these chic faux fur coats and graphic tees, expecting it to be chilly, but can you believe it was 93 degrees when we were there? Anyway, it did get cooler at night, and I wore mine home on the plane. Faux fur coats are so much fun because you can find them in so many colors and prints, and they are at every price point. My only suggestion when buying one, if you want it to look “real,” is don’t buy the really shiny ones. The one we are wearing is from Frame, and it looks and feels extremely good! It’s also sold out almost everywhere except at Frame.

We Love Graphic Tees!

We also love graphic tees! We found both of ours in LA while we were there. My tee came from Zadig & Voltaire, and you can see hers here. I think they are the perfect piece to wear with coats, every kind of jacket, and blazers, plus, you can share your mood or thoughts!



Faux Fur Jacket from Frame paired with Graphic tee, jeans and Gucci Belt The Middle Page and So Heather wearing Frame Faux Fur jackets Over 50 Dallas Blogger wearing Graphic tee from Zadig & Voltaire paired with Joe's Jeans Frame Faux Fur Jacket paired with graphic tee and Joe's jeans with Gucci belt Cathy Williamson wearing graphic tee paired with Tawny Wide Collar Jacket from Frame Dallas bloggers wearing Frame faux fur jackets in Los Angeles

My daughter arrives back in Dallas today for a minute in between her crazy travel schedule of late, so we will have another family dinner tonight. My younger son and his wife are in Mexico for an anniversary trip, so they are missing all of this family time together (bet they are so glad!), and so are the other daughter in law and grandkids. We will all be together for Thanksgiving, so I am looking forward to that! Have you all started your shopping? I was out for a little bit on Friday, and am already feeling a little stressed. I may be ordering everything I can online this year!

Have a great day!

Photos: Jordan Zobrist

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