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When the September issues of my favorite fashion magazines arrive at my doorstep, my mind starts to ponder on what I need in my wardrobe (or let’s face it…what I want!) and how I am going to spend my money on Fall pieces. My mind always goes straight to shoes! Shoes can make or break an outfit, so I have picked  my “Five Shoes You Need in Your Fall Wardrobe”…according to me!

BLACK BOOTIES- Black booties can be worn with almost anything. They are great with denim, dresses (casual), skirts, leggings and trousers. I like a little bit of heel and one that hits above the ankle. If you already have a black bootie, maybe think about investing in a different color or texture (say velvet?) Booties are essential to a Fall wardrobe.


FLATFORMS- These may not be your cup of tea, but they are huge right now. I love that every designer is doing them. What are they? They are any style shoe with a flatter platform. They are made in espadrilles, sneakers, loafers, sandals, and brogues.


BLOCK HEEL- This is my favorite style shoe at the moment. I think they look so cute with a pair of jeans, and a white button down or turtleneck sweater. I also really like them with accordion pleated skirts. If you are only going to add one shoe this season, this is the one I would add. There are so many different fabrications to choose from too. Maybe an embellished one is it! The one in the picture above is HERE. Looks like a very expensive brand, but is a copy.


BOOTS- I am fairly certain that everyone reading this has a pair of boots. Why not add an over the knee boot to your closet? I know…they are not for everyone (the taller you are the better), but if you can do it, why not? OTK boots make any outfit look a little sexier and dressier. I am a huge fan of the style. If they are not for you, maybe try a boot with some sort of embellishment like fringe, a buckle, or again in a velvet.


SNEAKERS- Okay, it was between this and ballet flats. Ballet flats are all the rage right now, but honestly…I haven’t met a flat that I love yet (even my Chanel flats)! If you know of a comfortable one, besides the Chloe scalloped flat, please let me know. So here is why I love the sneaker. First of all, they are comfortable (that is key)! Second, when has it ever been so fashionable to wear them? Chic women have been wearing them for years in Paris. There are so many different styles, colors and materials to choose them in. They look great with a pair of jeans, cropped trouser, a skirt, or dress. You may remember how I wore them HERE. Look, I know they aren’t for everyone, but to run around and be comfortable is BIG in my world, especially while traveling.

Okay…I have a bonus to share too! I think the slide mule is pretty great, and this one is my favorite. It looks expensive (but not) and feels like a slipper,

Hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend! Thank you for reading!