Good Morning! How is everyone? I am so excited because I have a lot of new subscribers and I wanted to say thank you for following along with me. I have never done this in the 5 1/2 years I’ve had this blog, but I thought I should share a bit about me. If this sounds boring, I don’t mind you moving on today, promise! I love leopard would be a great start!

A little bit about me

I was born in San Angelo, Texas, then moved to Dallas where my mom is from. I went to Southern Methodist University (literally down the street from my parents home) and met my husband there. We have been married for thirty-five years now and have known each other forty years this month (that is crazy to me because I’m not even forty, am I?). We have three children (33, 31, and 28) who are the most amazing kids. They are indeed not perfect, but they are the light of my life, as well as two grandchildren who ARE perfect! I love my family and would rather be with them than anyone! My oldest son has always said that we should have been Italian because we are loud and have the best time together!

My husband is from Montgomery, Alabama. We got married after we graduated from SMU and lived in New York for a year together, then moved to Montgomery where all of the kids were born. We lived there for eight years, then moved to Nashville and lived there for ten years. After Nashville, we moved to Birmingham, Alabama and lived there for ten years. When our last kid flew the coop (they all headed to Dallas and went to SMU as well), we decided to move to Dallas, where they all were as well as the rest of my family.

After about a year living in Dallas, my daughter in law and I started a rainwear line called, She Reigns. With no “real” background in fashion, we figured out how to get the coats designed and manufactured. About a year into it, I decided to start this blog too. Both of the above mentioned were the hardest things I’ve ever done until the REAL SHIT hit the fan!

The shit hits the fan

Two months into the blog, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer, called, Triple Negative. Our family was turned upside down. I never imagined that I would get breast cancer. My paternal grandmother had hormonal fed breast cancer (late in life), but no one in my family has had Triple Negative. Within two weeks of my diagnosis, I had a double mastectomy, then had a month to heal before starting chemotherapy. Chemo lasted four months and then I had six weeks of radiation. Praise God that I am healed and living life (I am a Christian)!

One of the biggest blessings and privileges for me is to help other women who are going through breast cancer. Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel with this blog, but I will get an email from someone diagnosed who found my blog, and it makes what I do worth it! I give everyone that has emailed me my phone number and tell them to call me immediately. I really do want to help!

Some little facts that make me, me!

I’m a pretty healthy eater (except for the occasional french fries that have to be extra crispy!) and follow a mostly Paleo diet. I love red wine (cabs) and dark chocolate. I have both Type A and B in my personality (I am a Leo). I’m outgoing, love people and love to talk. This used to drive my children crazy, but I think they appreciate it now.

A few health issues that I deal with are a few side effects from the chemo, like strange rashes and tingling arms. I also have eczema, IBS, Raynaud’s, and fibromyalgia. If any of you have those things, I feel for you!

A dirty mind is part of my makeup, and I will throw out a curse word or two when needed. I have an aversion to some words. I LOATHE the word, moist. Also, I can’t say it, and it hurts my ears to hear it. I’m not a professional writer and I know I make a lot of mistakes. I write out my post the way I talk so please forgive my errors!

A question that is asked a lot, is do I make money doing this? This is a business and I have to run it like one. I have to pay tech support, my photographer, a manager, and a girl that does my Pinterest and newsletter. The way I make money is through collaborations with brands, or through Reward Style. If someone purchases something through my blog, I get a commission (small, but it’s something). It takes me about three to four hours to create a post. All that said, I am so grateful that I get to do this!

I love Leopard – It’s my favorite color

So, that’s me in a nutshell. I am an open book (most of the time) and will tell you anything you want to know. If you have questions, let me know! As I was turning 50, I remember being a little angry that women were expected to look and act like grandmothers. That was part of the reason for starting this blog. I did not feel like I looked like a grandmother and I didn’t feel “old.” I hope that this blog gives you a little inspiration to dress and feel the way YOU choose to. Okay, let’s get down to fashion (which is one of my passions). I love leopard anything!

Y’all, I bought this coat back in August after years of searching for the right one, and I have barely worn it. I think I searched for so long that I am afraid to wear it! Anyway, I found these jeans by Mother and had a fit for them. How fun are the rhinestones under the ripped knees? If you don’t know how I feel about ripped jeans at the knee, read about that here. While out shopping, I have seen a lot of embellishments coming back on denim — lots of pearls and rhinestones. I love wearing a simple top like this turtleneck with these jeans.




Cashmere Turtleneck Gucci Betl + MOTHER The Tomcat High-Rise Distressed Jeans Elie Tahari Angelina Leopard Print Calf Hair Coat Elie Tahari Angelina Leopard Print Calf Hair Coat Elie Tahari Angelina Leopard Print Calf Hair Coat + Gucci Belt MOTHER The Tomcat High-Rise Distressed Jeans MOTHER The Tomcat High-Rise Distressed Jeans

Okay, that’s it for today. We are heading to Nashville for an engagement party tomorrow, and I am so excited to see all of my friends there. I am so thankful to have you all as readers and would love to know what you all would like to see here. If you have ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Have a fantastic Thursday and a great weekend! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

Cashmere Turtleneck (on sale) // Denim // Coat // Booties // Bag (similar here) // Belt



Turtleneck // Denim // Coat // Booties // Bag // Belt