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I am going to be quick today, as I have my decorator in town to help me get this house into shape. Think we are pretty much finished with everything but the punch list. It’s a good thing, because I am about OVER it!!!  I wanted to introduce you to a great line of knitwear called, LOVE SCARLETT. Their designs are made with the finest materials for superior fit and quality, which translates into unique fresh and feminine looks. I love the sweater I am wearing. It is so comfortable, even in the heat of the summer, and it’s a great travel piece as well!

Their Fall/Holiday line is up on their website, and it is gorgeous! I am obsessed with this pullover with plaid shirt and this loop yarn bomber jacket! I love this tie dye linen cardigan from their summer line too! Check out the rest of the line HERE.

Off to help move furniture and unpack! Hope you all have a great day!!!

Photos: Kelsey Cherry

Sweater// c/o LOVE SCARLETT, Jeans//PAIGE DENIM, Bag// REBECCA MINKOFF (old, but love this one), Sandals// SAM EDELMAN, Necklace// I have no idea, but I really like this one