Today is a big day for me (well, every day is a big day), because it is my second Cancerversary! I have decided to treat this day as my new “birth” day. This is the day that I had my mastectomy and the cancer was taken out of my body. This is the day that, thank God, has come around again and I am still here! This is the day that I will celebrate for years to come (I am that confident in my healing!).

I am so thankful for the way my whole experience played out. I am grateful for the radiologist that found that horrible thing (I never even knew his name), for my doctors and nurses, for my family and friends (for those people who sent me cards that I didn’t even know), and for people that diligently prayed for me. You will never know how much the support meant to me! If you are a long time reader of my blog, you might remember that I have said that I wouldn’t trade this experience at all. It is still true, I saw such goodness in people. What was the most amazing thing, for an anxiety and panic ridden person like myself, was the peace that came with this diagnosis. I will say it until the day I die, I had a peace like I have never felt in my life (sometimes when I get a little stressed out now, I wish I had that peace back again!). I just know that God was holding me close! I know, without a doubt, that I am still here on earth for a reason. I hope the reason is to help someone else going through cancer or a hard time.

The picture of me above, was taken about a month into my chemo. I have to say, I did have a great wig!!! I look at that photo, and can’t believe I had cancer. I really don’t remember how bad I felt. Life after cancer can be a a very scary place, if you let it. I hear from the women in my support group that every ache or pain makes them think they are having a recurrence. There is a constant fear that it will come back, especially with this Triple Negative. The doctors and researchers say, the farther out you get from your diagnosis  the better your chances are, which I know is true for all cancers, but it is especially true with Triple Negative. If it recurs, it’s usually within the first two years. After five years, the chances of it coming back are slim. I hope and pray that there will be a cure or at least something that we Triple Negative ones can take to prevent the cells from coming back (hopefully real soon).

I know this is redundant, but please check yourselves and have your mammograms! If you have daughters, or daughter in laws, please tell them to do the same (another 27 year old was just introduced into our group). Apparently, this type of breast cancer doesn’t care how young or old  you are. I am off to live my life today, and am thankful for even the most mundane things I have to do. Tonight I am celebrating with friends! It is a BIG day!!!!!!! Thank you for your support and for stopping by!!!! xoxo

Photo cred: Shana Anderson