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Hello, ladies! How was your Father’s Day weekend? I spent the entire day on Saturday unpacking my daughter’s kitchen. They are pretty much ready to move in except for a few more areas to paint. The paint fumes were pretty strong, but I think they will be in by tomorrow, and we will be back to being just the two of us again. We went to an outdoor concert on Sunday night with my son and daughter-in-law (their gift to my husband). I cannot tell you how many people were there! But I don’t think about Covid too terribly much when I am out and about, but…I sure did at the concert. People were on top of one another. We stayed closer to the entrance where not many people were. We couldn’t see very well, but it definitely felt safer.

This precious mixed scarf-print kimono look would have been the perfect concert outfit if we lived somewhere else besides Texas. I literally went to the Gap on Sunday before the concert and bought this dress to wear because I didn’t have anything that would keep me cool outside and in a sea of people. Anyhoo, I love this kimono (another Farm Rio piece)! I love the mixed scarf print and the split sides. It’s the perfect topper piece for air-conditioned places or if you don’t love to show your arms. It comes with a self-tie, but those tend to get in my way, so I just removed it. I would love this kimono worn over a pair of shorts too.

Styling My Kimono

One of my favorite tops that I have purchased of late is this ruffle-trim silk top. I love the ruffle detail and the color. It looks great under a blazer (or kimono) and by itself has a lot of personality. This is one of those tops that can be worn all year round. My jeans are fairly new, and I really like them. They are not too tight or too loose. As Goldilocks would say, they are just right!

I have mentioned these sandals from Inez in a previous post. I am obsessed with them. They are so comfortable and have the perfect heel. You can wear them dressed up with a dress or down with jeans. They are available in white and black as well and have a reasonable price point. I have worn them so many times since receiving them. I have used this bag so many times from Caterina Bertini. Every time it is back on the Shopbop site, it sells out. I have had it for about two years now and love it. If you feel like ordering from overseas, here is the website and the exact bag. I think it’s the perfect summer bag!





woman smiling and being photographed wearing MIXED SCARF-PRINT KIMONO woman wearing jeans, flowy top, and MIXED SCARF-PRINT KIMONO woman touching her hair and smiling at the camera woman smiling and wearing colorful kimono closeup of woman wearing jeans and heels woman showing her arms and smiling

Update and What’s Next for Me

As a fashion blogger, I know I am supposed to show you fashion (duh) and share with you about sales and deals that come up (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is soon). I bet you all saw many bloggers posting on the Amazon Prime sale yesterday going on today as well. So, I made a decision not to share it. I would be lying if I said I didn’t order from Amazon every once in a while. I do for items that I can’t find easily or during a pandemic; however, I am not a fan. It bothers me that smaller stores are going out of business because of them. Enough bloggers are posting about Amazon, and I wanted you to know why I am not promoting the sale.

It’s hair color day plus a day of errands. My life is so exciting! I hope you all have the best day! Stay safe and cool! xx

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