Happy Friday, gang! I talked to a friend on the phone yesterday who said that she couldn’t believe how fast June has flown by. I totally agree! Is time going by faster because we have gotten older, or is it because we are busier? I had to look that question up, and here is what I found. Whatever the answer is, it’s flying by! We woke up this morning at the new Marriott hotel in Uptown. We checked in yesterday afternoon for a little staycation and a collaboration that I am doing with them. If you need a great place to stay when visiting Dallas or want a staycation, I highly recommend it! I have a busy day of shooting with the hotel, and wouldn’t you know most of it is outdoors (heatstroke!). Good thing I brought this striped blue dress with me because it’s the closest thing I have to being naked!

I found this dress a few weeks back (still available!) and thought it was a great summer dress that would be great for travel. This dress feels like a tee shirt and will take up zero space in your suitcase. When it’s super hot outside, a sleeveless dress is sometimes the best option, but I wanted to show you how draping a jacket over it works too. I know that some of us don’t like to show our arms anymore. This is seriously one comfortable dress that has a great price point and, I think, can be worn to a lot of places.

I paired it with a pair of old Prada wedges that I bought in a natural color as well. I wish Prada would come back out with this wedge because it’s seriously my favorite summer shoe ever! Anyway, I like a wedge, flat sandal, or kitten heel sandal with this dress. I would even wear a Tkees flipflop with it, too, especially at the beach.




That’s all I’ve got for today. I am out the door with my new friend, Damon (photographer). I am going to be riding bikes and having a picnic. I have not been on a picnic in years! I hope there will be some shade!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay cool! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

Dress // Jacket (similar) //  Wedges (similar) // Bag (similar)