Hi, gang! We had the loudest thunder/ hail/ rain storm I ever heard last night! It’s still dark as I am finishing this post, so I haven’t made it out to look at my car. April has arrived in proper fashion! Speaking of fashion,  orange you glad color is back and bigger than ever for Spring? I’m usually not a big color girl (my house is mostly cream and gray), but after the last two years of being at home more than usual, it’s so lovely to see so much color. I guess you can tell that I like orange? This suit, from Alice & Olivia (separate pieces), knocked me over when I saw it. I’ve already worn the jacket with these white jeans and this cami. I wore it with the matching pants in Los Angeles with the shirt above and the cami again. I used to love wearing a pantsuit back in the 90s, but then they started to look too business-like (and Hillary Clintonish) for me. But this one…is fabulous! This suit is perfect for a cocktail party, but I love that you can wear it separately.

I know I will get flack for the hem length on my pants. I might hem them a titch, but I like them slightly puddled. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve worn them this way since I got them. Let me tell you about my expensive (look-a-like) shoes. Several friends have asked me if these are Bottega Venetta. They are not, but they sure look like it! If you buy one handbag this season for dressing up, let it be this one. This bag can be carried day and night. I’ve seen it in several colors, but I love the clear rhinestone because it goes with everything. You will feel a tad bit “extra” carrying it!

This past Saturday night, we went out for dinner and ran into a few people we hadn’t seen before “pre-covid.” I don’t know how many of you feel like this, but I feel like I am alive again! I’ve seen so many people without masks, and it is so wonderful! Seeing people’s faces, Spring blooming, and so much color makes me a lot happier person! What about you?

Side note: I’m sorry to send you to different websites; I try to find the items with the most available sizes, which sometimes means they might be on various sites.




I have a full day of errands and a photoshoot for the blog. I am so appreciative of you all who read it! I’m not an expert on anything (except breast cancer). I want to give you inspiration on what to wear. Many of us are over fifty, and some are grandmothers. Society thought that we had to dress a certain way once we hit that magical age (over fifty). We all know that isn’t true any longer. Still, some items might not be as appropriate to wear (depending on each individual). I hope that you can get some ideas from this blog. I may not always get it right, but I’m trying. The main object of all of it is to have fun!

Have a great day! Be well and stay safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

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