Happy Weekend! How was your week? Mine went by so fast that I can’t remember what I did! I also can’t believe that Easter is next weekend. I honestly thought it was two more weeks away, and I apologize for not posting on Easter dresses sooner! Whether you go to church or need a dress for Easter brunch, I found some great options below; however, it was more difficult than I thought. It is so hard to find dresses for our age group. It seems like they either have cut-outs, are too short, are too low cut, or have a split up to the hoo-hah! Even my youngest daughter-in-law commented that most of the dresses look like hooker dresses right now!

The dress I am wearing (and most likely be what I wear on Easter) is from ByTimo. I love their feminine pieces, especially their dresses. The floral print is perfect for Easter, and I love the flounced hem and billowy sleeves. It also has a split in the back for easy movement. I paired the dress with an older pair (although I’ve only worn them once) of sandals from Alexander Birman. I mentioned that I was cleaning out my closet recently. I have so many pairs of shoes that I can’t get them in my closet. I say this not to brag, but to say that I am not buying any more shoes for a while. Part of writing a fashion blog is buying things to show. Because of this, I end up with A LOT more than I need. If I didn’t do this, I would probably not buy any shoes at all for this Spring and Summer. I apologize for showing the same shoes and bags. I am trying not to buy as many. I promise to link other bags and shoes that I like! Speaking of bags, the bag I am carrying is from a small brand that I love called Bene. I have had this bag for a while and still love it so much! It comes in several colors.





We are still in the throws of construction around here. They are starting to lay down the floors on Monday (more dust, yay!). I have picked out everything except art and a rug for the new room. Today, I am heading out to see if I can find the rug. I’ve been looking for the last month and cannot find what I want. The size is difficult (11×11 square), making it almost impossible to find. I had what I thought was the perfect one sent in last week, but it was too drab. If anyone knows where I can get a light color vintage Oushak, please let me know!

I hope you all have a wonderful sunny weekend!

Stay well and Be safe! xx

DRESS // BAG // SANDALS (similar)

Photos: Beckley & Co