woman wearing Sophisticated Floral Dress woman smiling and wearing Sophisticated Floral Dress

Good Morning! I hope all is well where you are! Aren’t we having some fun in the world right now? I honestly wish we could go back and start the last two years over again. There have been so many crazy things that have happened, from a pandemic to divisive politics, now a war, as well as a lot of personal craziness. I guess it’s my naivety to think that everything would always be status quo.

I can’t imagine having to look for an underground shelter at a moment’s notice (to protect from missiles), yet people just like you and me have to do that very thing right now. Things are changing so very fast, and we should all be on our knees praying and being thankful that life goes on where we are. If you have friends or relatives in either country where this stupid war is happening, I am so sorry, and I am sending lots of hope and prayers.


Since today is the first day of March and the lead-up to spring, I wanted to show a sophisticated floral dress. I mentioned (here) that I was obsessed with the brand Cinq à Sept. I have wanted so many pieces from the brand for the last year. They have knocked it out of the park, in my opinion. This dress is has a ruffled neckline that buttons and ruffle-edged tiers. It’s a flowy dress that would be perfect for a luncheon, church, dinner, or even at the beach with a sandal. It is a bit more full-cut and so very effortless and comfortable.

I love floral print dresses, but the floral print can’t look too young ( I don’t want to look like I’m 20). So, I paired it with my black Bottega Veneta sandals ( gotta get in that cost per wear!), but a nude or pink would be so pretty with it too. I am showing a few more of my favorite floral dresses below. This is my next purchase. Can you get over the color?



woman walking and wearing Sophisticated Floral Dress woman outside a store woman in a Sophisticated Floral Dress outside a store woman walking woman smiling

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I have difficulty talking about fluffy things when many heartaches are happening. We are experiencing a big one in our family right now. This is a reminder to tell those you love how much they mean to you and keep them close! With that said, thank you all for being so sweet and reading this blog! I appreciate you all!

Have a great day! Stay safe and be well!

Photos: Beckley & Co

Dress (similar look, less expensive) // Shoes (similar) // Bag (similar)