Susana Monaco Dress Is The Best For Travel Susana Monaco Dress Is The Best For Travel

Hi, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and worked your way through Monday. In case you didn’t know, I had a great birthday weekend that started with a surprise party.  It literally scared the “you know what out of me”! I had just come back from Florida and had about two hours at home before we were supposed to meet our friends for dinner. The plan was to go pick them up and have a glass of wine at their house first, which sounded so reasonable because we do that with them regularly.

When I walked into the house and got to their dining room, the surprise happened! I have never been that surprised! Anyway, all of my favorite people were there, and it made my birthday so special! Saturday was my actual birthday, and we spent the night with our kids at our favorite sushi restaurant. It was a great weekend (except for a minor detail down below). Today, I wanted to show the best dress for travel and the brand that makes it.

The Best Dress For Travel

I have been traveling a bit, and if you have followed me, know that I have some packing anxiety. Typically, I wait until the last minute and then put more than I need in my bag (and then some more). Yet, I seem always to pack the most cumbersome things that are hard to fold and wrinkle a lot. I saw this dress and remembered that I had worn pieces from Susana Monaco years ago and they were great looking pieces that are great for travel. The fabric is a light-weight stretch knit with some spandex in it. The dress is great for dinner, meetings, parties, dressed up, or I would wear it during the day with sneakers to run around in.

Susana Monaco Pieces Are Great For Packing

I started looking at all of the pieces from Susana Monaco, and most of them are classic pieces in solids to mix and match and not take up a lot of room in a suitcase. This maxi dress is great to wear as is or throw a jacket over it. I love this top to wear with jeans or a skirt as well as this turtleneck. This one-shoulder jumpsuit is a perfect party look, and this skirt is great for sightseeing. I know how much trouble I have when packing for a trip and was thinking that some of you might have the same problem. These pieces would solve packing issues for me, and I wanted to share this brand with you.

Most all of the pieces come in under $250! Just because summer is coming to a close, doesn’t mean that our age group stops traveling! Yay! Isn’t it great that we can do that?





Susana Monaco Dress Is The Best For Travel Susana Monaco Dress, black Susana Monaco Dress Is The Best For Travel Susana Monaco Dress Is The Best For Travel a great outfit for any age a woman in leopard heels and a tight dress

So this past Thursday, my dad fell and managed to get a hairline fracture on his shoulder. Y’all, Parkinson’s is a bitch! I feel so bad for him. The good news is that he is not a huge complainer. It’s hard to watch your (protector your whole life) dad decline. I know that I am so lucky to still have my dad when many of you have lost one or both of your parents. It’s a strange stage of life watching the aging process or disease take over. I am grateful, however, that he is here and my mom still looks like a bombshell!

So, I have a fairly busy week, what about you all? I am ordering a few of the pieces I have shown today because I have a few trips coming up and I don’t want the anxiety!

Have a lovely day! xx

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

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