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Hi, everyone! I wanted to write a post on transitional maxi dresses and give you a lot of examples, but for some reason, this week has thrown me for a loop (I am linking a few dresses below).  Currently, I am more unorganized and scattered than ever, and I really don’t know why. I mentioned that I am working with a life coach, and she is holding me accountable for a couple of things in the next few weeks after listening to how out of control I feel. The first is to get an assistant, so I’m putting it out there that I need someone to help me. Two- is more help around the house. I cannot get laundry, things put up or organized at all! I think this is because I work from home and am spinning my wheels trying to do everything.

Maxi Dresses Are The Perfect Transition Into Fall

Okay, enough of the sob story! I’m going to touch on transitional maxi dresses quickly. If you live in the South, you know how long summer can last. The calendar may say September and October, but the thermometer can still say 85 or 90. It’s tough because we want to wear our fall clothes, but it’s still too darn hot. I found this dress a few weeks back and thought it was perfect for fall (wore it on the Soma trip last week).

This dress screams “Indian Summer” to me for just about any occasion.

Paired with sandals as a casual look or a slight heel for a dressier look, it’s a great dress to take you into fall. You could throw different jackets (jean, leather, or suede) over it to give it a different feel and maybe some different belts, a gold chain belt would look super cool with it. Wearing a maxi dress means not having to have tan legs either! Anthropologie is an excellent source for maxi dresses. I am linking my favorite transitional maxi dresses below.




a Transitional Maxi Dresses a woman in a Transitional Maxi Dresses how to wear a Transitional Maxi Dresses this amazing Transitional Maxi Dresses check out this Transitional Maxi Dresses with sunnies and red hair How To Transition Summer Clothes to Fall

I have a coffee meeting this morning then meeting with my trainer. Missed a full week of weight training and am feeling like a dropout. I can tell when I haven’t been there. When I saw my doctor yesterday, and she said that I have to keep the weight training up because my body BMI is on the low side. Lord knows I do not want to be one of those ladies that breaks a hip! I have too much to do and am not organized yet! Hope you all have a great day! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

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