Navy Sandro Pleated Trench Coat on Dallas Blogger The Most Stylish Trench Coat on Dallas Blogger


Good Morning! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! I took a break from all things social media and enjoyed spending time with the family. The weather was a little iffy on Sunday, and so we stayed in and watched church online. Everyone showed up early here, and we spent the entire day and part of the night together. I love holidays and being with my family!

I’m spilling my guts a little here but have you, as an older adult, had something pointed out to you (in love, of course) that made you think, Holy S**t, I better change my attitude? Without getting into it, I had that experience yesterday, and I did some major soul searching. So, this last year has been such an unprecedented time, and I have found myself being a bit angry and cynical. It’s humbling to have to admit that I need to do some major work on myself. I’m not saying that I thought that I was perfect by any stretch of the imagination; I am thankful that I was called out on it. That is to say, I am sharing this because no matter how hold we are, sometimes we need a wake-up call (as hard as they are!).

The Trench Coat

Let’s talk about the most stylish trench coat I’ve ever seen. Do you die over it? When my friend was visiting from out of town last week, we stopped into Sandro (one of my favorite stores) and spotted this beauty. This coat is business in front and party in the back! A trench coat is the perfect spring coat, and I want to wear this one every day. Also, it’s a little pricey but still less than a traditional Burberry trench. Once I started looking online to show you all a few more choices, I found this trench coat that looks like an exact copy for a lot less!  Once we start traveling again, I know this coat will be going everywhere with me.

Can you believe this is my first really nice trench coat? Why haven’t I ever bought one when there are great reasons to own one? Trench coats are the perfect coat for almost every season. They are classic and stand the test of time. You can dress a trench up or down, and they always look chic. Case in point, the trench instantly elevated my jeans and sneaker look.

Speaking of sneakers, these girls are new, and I am obsessed with them. These are the sneakers I mentioned here. They look good with jeans, dresses, skirts, and slouchy trousers. I love the rose gold on the back (they come in silver too)! I am also swooning over this tee with the flouncy frill (that’s how it’s described :)). This tee is going to be the star with any bottom you pair it with!






Navy pleated back trench coat from Sandro on Dallas Blogger Dallas Blogger in White Tee, Navy Trench Coat, and white sneakers

stylish trench coat in dark color back of the trench coat STYLING THE MOST STYLISH TRENCH COAT I'VE EVER SEEN

closed trench coat

Nothing Much Going on Today!

I don’t have much going on today, which is kind of nice. However, it would be a good day to dust under the furniture. That’s probably not going to happen!

I hope you all have a great day! Stay well and safe! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

Coat // Tee // Jeans (similar) //Sneakers // Bag (similar)

A few more trench coats that I like.