Plaid Shirt Jacket on Dallas BloggerPlaid Shirt and Black Jeans on Dallas Blogger

Good Morning, my friends! What the heck happened to the weather in Dallas? It went from (sort of) fall to fricking freezing yesterday! Like, wear your winter parka cold, and it’s supposed to stay this way for a few days! Oh Mother Nature, you are such a sneaky gal! Anyway, I guess this is as good a time as any to break out the shacket. Wait, is it a shirt or a jacket (shirt/jacket hybrid)?

The shacket is a perfect transitional piece and a style that has been adopted by many designers for the upcoming autumn/winter season. It hit the scene last winter and has picked up its popularity this fall. What is so great about it? Well, shackets are perfect for our more homebound lifestyle, for one. They are typically made of wool (although now available in many fabrics), making them thicker than your normal shirt but thinner than a heavy coat. Throw them over a tee or turtleneck or under a winter coat, either way making them a great layering piece.

I wasn’t so sure when I first started seeing them on all of my favorite websites, but I thought I would take a chance at one that was more affordable. Once I put it on, I understand why they are so popular. The shacket I am wearing is a great weekend look for running around or staying at home. I dressed mine up a little with the gold chain and my Gucci belt. Honestly, I would probably even wear a heeled loafer with this look if it weren’t for Covid ( and I was going places). Love this look with a pair of combat style boots too.




The Shacket Style Shirt on Dallas BloggerDallas Blogger in a Shacket and Black jeansShacket on Dallas Blogger

I mentioned my gold chain above. This necklace is from Allie & Bess (Dallas girls), and it is fabulous! It weighs next to nothing and can be pulled apart to make it the length you want or into bracelets. Allie & Bess are also responsible for these fantastic stackable beaded bracelets. They reached out to me last night about a surprise sale through the end of the month. You can get 25% off with Code: TREAT25. These pieces make great gifts, Just Saying!!!

It’s another nasty rainy day here, and thankful that I have three Zoom meetings and don’t have to leave the house. After moving my mom and seeing how much stuff she has, I am ready to start getting rid of a lot around here. I am going to start tackling that in between meetings. A rainy day is a perfect day to do it.

Have a great day, and be well! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

Shacket // Tee (similar) // Jeans  // Belt (wearing a size 75) // Sneakers (similar) // Bag (similar) // Necklace