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Hi, everyone! I have been slightly MIA because I left on Sunday to fly to Alabama for the funeral I attended. Thankfully, my daughter went with me because she is close to the family as well. We couldn’t get a flight into Montgomery, so we had to fly to Birmingham and spend the night and drive to Montgomery early Monday morning. The funeral was so sweet, and our friend’s son’s friend’s honored him in such a special way (He was in his mid-thirties). There were so many people in attendance, but I did get some quality time with my friend.

I’m sure some of you have had to deal with the loss of a child yourself or someone close to you. It’s not the natural progression and so heart-wrenching. I am so close to my friend, and my heart is aching so much for her. It’s so hard to see a friend or family member in so much pain. I know there are many hard days ahead for them, but I am so comforted knowing that there is a strong group of women and men rallied around them. They are a fantastic group of people, and one’s I have known for over thirty years (we lived there and had all of our children there).

Mother and Daughter Trip

My daughter and I drove back to Birmingham on Monday evening, spent another night there, and then flew back yesterday morning. As solemn as the trip was, I did get to spend some great quality time with my girl. We needed it, and it was a sweet time for us. We received some more bad news about someone very close to us when we got home. My heart is aching right now. As I sat down to write this post, my brain was thinking more about how precious and short life is than what I’m wearing.

We get so wrapped up in whatever we have going on that sometimes we forget what is truly important. I am definitely guilty of that. The minister at the funeral ended his talk by saying to make sure that you call a friend to ask about them or tell your loved ones how much you love them. It was a huge nudge to me. I can go a long time without checking on friends, and I need to do a better job at that. Isn’t it crazy that it usually takes a tragedy to wake us up?

On to what I am wearing because that is what I do. How fabulous is this winter to spring floral dress? I love a bubble sleeve and love that they are elbow-length (for arm coverage). The center of the dress has a smocked detail giving it some personality. Floral dresses for winter are still a thing, and this one can go straight into spring and summer if worn with a sandal or wedge. I chose to wear a boot with it because (hey!) it’s winter. I like to buy dresses that can be worn during multiple seasons! There are a million dresses in the stores and online right now, and this is one of my favorites!




woman walking and wearing Winter To Spring Floral Dress and brown boots woman walking and wearing Winter To Spring Floral Dress and bag and brown boots woman in a dress and smiling woman holding her dress closeup of dress and bag closeup of dress hem and boots

I apologize if I am sounding like “Debbie Downer” in this post. It’s hard for me to ignore what’s happened in the last week. I do think we sometimes need that wake-up to put into perspective what is really meaningful in this life. Also, I will be more uplifting later this week, I promise! I so appreciate you all!

Have a great day! Be safe and well! xx

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