Upstair Guest Room

The Master Closet that took forever! It is over 700 square feet with a shoe room and mini fridge

Master Bath Re-do

Master Bedroom

Cozy Upstairs Library with Fireplace

Elevator for hauling luggage upstairs.

Downstairs Guest Room

The Hubby’s Love

Bright Kitchen

Family Room

Study/Living Area

Dining Room


Hi Everyone! I wanted to take a trip down memory lane (not so long ago, like 2 months ago memory!) and show you some pictures of the house we bought in Nashville (sorry the pictures loaded backwards). We did some renovations to the upstairs master bath and closet, and added a new stair rail, workout room and a wine room. The rest of the house we only painted or papered the walls. If you are a new reader, we moved to Nashville from Dallas for a hot second. We did all of this to this house, lived here for about sixteen months, then moved back to Dallas. It’s just a house…right?

Why you ask? What I can tell you, is that it was a rash decision to move in the first place. The decision came shortly after I got through with my year long battle with breast cancer. We have always loved Nashville and our friends there (oh…we lived there for 10 years during the 90’s), and have always had a warm fuzzy feeling about it. We made an emotional decision to go back. We sold our house in Dallas and bought a condo to keep there. Since most of our family is there; our two sons, daughter-in-law, two GRAND BABIES and my parents, the lightbulb should have gone off. Also, our daughter lives three hours away in Austin.

We loved being with our great friends in Nashville, but my heart was back in Texas. I was spending a lot of time on Southwest Airlines going back and forth, and that was wearing on me. Deep down, I wanted to be home. I remember my husband asking me one day, what was wrong with me. I had to be honest and tell him. I thought he was going to murder me! We had just spent all of this money to get this house to our liking, and boom I sprang this on him. It took a few days for that news to settle in with him, but he was so sweet and understanding about it.

We moved back to Dallas at the beginning of November. We are currently living in a 2,ooo square foot condo, and had to store most everything. I went from that huge closet to sharing a small walk in with my husband. That bright white kitchen has been traded for a tiny (you have no idea) dark kitchen, and my dogs go downstairs on a leash instead of running around in that huge front yard. But you know what? I am so happy! That house in Nashville was gorgeous, and my favorite house I have EVER lived in, but it’s “just” a house. I am surrounded by my family now, and that is everything! So, I am not sad about that house. Honestly, I don’t even think about it, which lets me know it was the right decision. What is important, is what is in the house, and they weren’t there to share in it.

I am in Los Angeles for the weekend, meeting up with two other bloggers. This is something new and different for me, and I will tell you about it soon. Hope you all have a great weekend! xx