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Good Morning Everyone! Hope you all have recovered from New Years Eve! We flew back to Dallas last night and today is the beginning of “real world” again. I feel like I have done nothing but eat and drink for the last month, and my body feels icky! I have more eczema than ever, and my skin is so dehydrated. I am ready to get back on track! Do ya’ll want to clean out everything in January? I just moved and purged, but am ready to purge again and organize. Today I have picked some ‘must haves” that I love for this week.

  1. The Rebecca Minkoff bag looks like the Chloe bag at a fraction of the price, and comes in six colors. I like using crossbody bags, and this is big enough to hold all of my stuff.
  2. This travel case looks like the ultimate bag and I am ordering it. I never have the right cosmetic toiletry bag! It has 2 large inside compartments, 3 removable pouches, removable toothbrush case, removable razor case, an outside hanging hook, and is expandable.
  3. I just purchased this for my small bathroom in our condo. I love that I can see what is in there, and it looks nice in the acrylic.
  4. I also ordered these stackers to store my jewelry in. They are modular and hold a lot of jewelry. Just choose the different configurations for your needs.
  5. I cannot get along without my Graphic Image planner. It is the best appointment book designed to organize your day, week, month and year. I got it in this beautiful pink python, and this will be my 10th year to have one. I don’t know about you, but I have to write things down.
  6. I also bought this beautiful calendar to keep on my desk, to glance at the date. It just looks chic!
  7. I mentioned that my skin was so dry, and that includes my face. I got a sample of this exfoliant by Fresh, and it is super soft (don’t like the real gritty ones). It also moisturizes your skin too! This will be a purchase.
  8. And…last but not least, I have been consuming these Skin gummies from Olly, for the last few months (not exactly as much as I should) Starting today, consumption will be daily. They give you hydration with hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and sea buckhorn to help moisturize the skin from within.

My week is pretty busy with appointments, errands, and getting ready for a trip on Thursday. Can’t wait to fill you in on what I am doing. l hope you all have a great day! Thank you for reading! xx