Happy Friday Ya’ll! Hope this has been a good week for you! I am keeping this extremely short and sweet today, because I am just simply exhausted. The last two weeks have been super busy and stressful for me, then add in Fashion Week… I am wiped out! I thought I would show you a few things that I am liking at the moment.


First…is this beautifully packaged skincare by a brand called Sapelo. Sapelo is a Savannah, Georgia based company that uses gardenia stem cells, magnolia oil, oyster shell calcium, seaweed, and Georgia honey in their products. The nature-based products includes, a serum, cream, and oil that Southern women are becoming devoted to. The packaging is without a doubt, the most beautiful I have ever seen from a cosmetic line. So pretty, that I have left them on my counter top! An interesting fact that I learned from their website HERE, is that in Coastal Georgia, twice daily high tides bring life-sustaining nutrients and water to their environment. They have a 3-step regimen that mimics the rejuvenating effects of the tides, to hydrate, stimulate, nourish and revitalize the skin. The 3-stem regimen improves the collagen and elastin, without harmful ingredients.

I have really enjoyed using the products, and am a big fan of the Anti-Aging Enzyme Mask. It’s formulated with plant based enzymes-papaya, pumpkin and yeast to help with radiance and hydration, and to exfoliate surface cells. The products are perfect for what my skin needs right now!



Second…I am crazy for these fun brightly colored (and one brown) luggage tags from Graphic Image. I just got the purple one, and it makes my basic black suitcase a little easier to spot. I love all of the colors.



Third…As you know from yesterday’s post on velvet booties, I am loving velvet at the moment. I am also loving bomber jackets, and this jacket is velvet and a bomber!



Fourth…On my trip to NYC, my friend Heather wore this watch, and I could not quit looking at it. It looked great with everything she had on. It can be worn dressed up or down. I don’t have a black watch, but I think I have to have this one. It’s shown here with a leather band, but she ordered it with this mesh one. I am going to be a copycat and get it!





Fifth…I am so obsessed with these Alyssa’s Healthy Oatmeal Bites. They are gluten free, organic, non GMO, with no sugar added! Two cookies have 90 calories, 8 grams of fiber, 14 grams of carbs, and 2 sugar grams. I could eat the whole container in one sitting! You know what’s really good? If you stick them in the microwave for a few seconds. They are like hot oatmeal raisin cookies freshly baked! If you live in Dallas, you can get them at Central Market. If you order, you better order more containers than you think. I promise you will be obsessed too!

Hope you all have a great weekend! I am planning on catching up on some Zzzz’s! Thank you for reading!

Top Photo: Kelsey Cherry