Hey everyone! Are you getting back to normal and on a schedule after the holidays? I am trying, but it’s hard to get back into the swing of normalcy. So, I have been doing some thinking about my blog, and I am going to make some changes. I have not been very inspired lately with posting about fashion, and it got me thinking about what I should be doing. Should I even write this blog? Does anyone really read it? What’s the point of it? Sure, I love fashion and always have, but is that really fulfilling? This whole thing started to show middle aged women that we can still look hip at our age (even if they have spread a bit!) But…cancer came into my life, and things have changes. Over the past few weeks, I took a little break to think about what I wanted the blog to be and what am I passionate about.

I thought I was most passionate about fashion (and I am to some extent), but what I spend most of my time and energy on, is learning about breast cancer (particularly Triple Negative). In the interest of honesty, I religiously read everything I can about preventing cancer, because I am inspired to live my live to the fullest, but what good is that if I can’t and don’t share it. I am most passionate about  helping women who are dealing with some sort of adversity.

Moving forward, my dream is that we can create a platform for women to laugh, share and stay truthful to who they are and what they are feeling when facing adversity. Being on the other side of treatment, I learned a lot about how to support friends and family who are going through the same thing. I want to be an encourager of those going through or helping someone who is going through a hard time. Will I share fashion and lifestyle…yes, but maybe once a week. Will Alex share a post or two? Yes, because she is great for a laugh, and laughing is the best medicine!!!

In honor of The-Middle Page moving forward, I am here to meet you in the middle of any life hardships with tips, humor and style. Here’s to having the courage to be yourself in the middle of whatever you are going through. As always, I am so grateful to you for reading my blog!

Have a wonderful day! Cathy