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I have told you all how computer illiterate I am, and how it is a bit difficult for me to grasp technology. I want to learn, I really do, but I don’t think my brain catches on very quickly. It is a huge feat that I can actually upload photos, link and publish a blog post (sometimes it takes me a LONG time!!!). But, I am very willing to try harder after reading about this product! I am blown away by this Intel X Opening Ceremony MICA Bracelet! MICA short for My Intelligent Communications Accessory. It’s part tech and part beautiful piece of jewelry.

Can you believe we live in a time, that you can wear a beautiful bracelet, and check your life on the inside of it? The bracelet features semi precious stones on either black or white snakeskin, with a 1.5-inch scratch resistant touchscreen. It also comes with a fully paid for two year AT&T data plan, so you can send and receive text messages and get email notification. There are also some other bells and whistles, but you can read about those here. The bracelets are exclusive at Barney’s and Opening Ceremony and retail for $495.

I don’t own one of these bracelets yet…but I am thinking about getting one. I can just imagine wearing one when your phone might not be appropriate to have with you, or when you can’t get it in your evening bag. This would solve that problem! So I am deeming this my Friday Favorite because I think it is so cool!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!!!

Photos courtesy of Opening Ceremony by Collier Schorr