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Last year, I could not get enough of the color blush. I am finding that I am still loving the color! I am drawn to it in any shape or form. I had this jacket and top, but have never used them on the blog. This is a similar one that I really like. Thankfully, this color comes in several variations, allowing different skin tones to wear it. I love a lighter version (almost nude) on blondes. The top is old, but I love the lace peeking out from behind (that could be taken two ways!). This is a similar version.

I know it’s hotter than blazes right now (what is up Nashville?), but going from inside (freezing air conditioning) to outside sauna gets confusing, and I always need to have a jacket or sweater with me. I’ve said it before, but a jacket and shoes can really dress up a pair of jeans. I think I could wear this to a million different places. I am crazy about this druzy necklace from Hannah Iris. The color is so gorgeous, and I thought the color of my jacket would really make it POP! She has some really great pieces on her website, check it out!

I put some similar pieces below, but hopefully you have a few pieces in your closet that can mimic this look if you like it. Stay cool and thanks for stopping by!

Photos: MARY SUMMERS (check out her beautiful blog!!!)

Jacket//HELMUT LANG, Top//BCBG, Jeans//PAIGE, Shoes//VALENTINO Bag//FENDI (check out THE REAL REAL HERE for gently used and a fraction of the actual price) Necklace//HANNA IRIS