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Ya’ll, I am so excited and happy to introduce you to a sweet blogger friend of mine from Dallas. This is Debby of FASHIONOMICS. Before we discuss the culotte situation, I want to talk about her. Debby and I met through a “Godincidense” at a luncheon about four years ago. We sat next to each other during a speech, then low and behold we were placed at the same table. We have a lot in common, and thus begin our friendship. She is one of the sweetest and most genuine people that I know.

Debby has been a fashion model (with the Kim Dawson Agency) in Dallas for twenty years. Seven years ago, she started consulting women about their wardrobes (FASHIONOMICS). She does it all… consults, shops and will even organize your closet! She also teaches seminars on all things fashion. Now she is blogging! I have been bugging her to start a blog, because she is an expert on fashion. Her website is full of information on fashion and gives tips and trends as well. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you should consider some time with her. Not only will she get your closet into shape, but you might also be surprised by how much she will touch your life!

Now, about the culottes! Debby and I, a little reluctantly, decided to tackle this trend. Neither one of us were feeling to keen on wearing culottes. Both of us are having a hard time getting on that bandwagon. We went to TOOTSIES in Dallas to look for some to try. (TOOTSIES has all of the current trends and a great place to find pretty much anything you are looking for!!! )After trying on the jumpsuit version I am wearing, I thought they weren’t so bad. If you look at it like a dress or skirt, it makes more sense to me. I have to say, that the ELIZABETH AND JAMES, culotte jumpsuit is really cute and comfortable. It really is an easy piece to wear. I’m thinking of it as a LBD. Debby’s wearing two pieces by ELIZABETH AND JAMES, very cocktail party or dinner out. I love the flowy top, but you could wear all kinds of tops and jackets with the culotte. I think this trend is here to stay for a while. What are your thoughts on culottes?

Thank you for reading today, and please check out Debby’s blog! Also, check out Tootsies in Dallas for amazing pieces. Have a great weekend!!!

Photos: Mary Summers

My outfit- Jumpsuit//ELIZABETH AND JAMES, Shoes// VALENTINO (I know that they are pricey, but I wear them all of the time, but HERE is a great lookalike), Bracelet//TED ROSSI,

    Debby’s outfit, Top (and similar) and Culotte//ELIZABETH AND JAMES