Hope everyone had a great summer weekend! Last Monday, I had mentioned that I had a very strange weekend. That Friday, June 14, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had gone in for an annual mammogram a week before, and BOOM…I have it. At this point, all I know is it is IDC…invasive ductal carcinoma. Supposedly the most common (YAY!) but, I still have it. I was given a choice between a lumpectomy with 6 weeks of daily radiation, or a mastectomy. I have chosen the latter. In all honesty, I just want this shit out of my body!
My mom has never had breast cancer or any cancer, and neither did my grandmothers. Because of that, I just never worried too much about it. So, it has been a surreal week, but I am ready to get this behind me. Two of my best friends in the world have told me two different things that I am clinging to. One said…”this cancer doesn’t know who it’s messing with”, and the other said, “remember that by HIS stripes you are healed!” I agree, and am ready for the fight, and the other is my mantra that I am saying over and over. 
The reason I am telling this, is that I am not sure of what the next days or weeks will hold. I launched this blog two months ago, and am so committed to it, but if I slack off, you’ll know the reason. This is supposed to be a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, but unfortunately, or fortunately it will involve some “real life” issues going forward. Please feel free to ask me anything, as I am a very “open book” about myself. I have already had friends asking me questions, and I would love to be a help to anyone. One thing I will say, is please get a mammogram yearly. I had ZERO symptoms!!! This thing was hiding, and had it not showed up in a suspicious calcification, I would still not know it was there! It sucks, but I do know that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. It’s just my turn to do some handling. 
Have a great week, kiss and hug your family, and show love to everyone! You have know idea what others are going through! Big Hugs from me!

Top: Gypsy 05, old,  Jeans: Paige  Shoes: Prada, similar,  Bag: Lisa Barfield Collection, Watch: Tous, similar, Bracelets: The Woods, Tai, and La Vie Est Belle, Necklace: La Vie Est Belle