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Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! I had a super fun one! We started it out on Friday night at a David Gray and Amos Lee concert, which got stopped about forty-five minutes into it because of lightening. It  was a bit of a bummer, but we did get to see most of David Gray, and he was fantastic! Dinner with friends every night this weekend too. Yesterday I went to the Nashville Flea Market with a friend. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time…(wet your pants, crying laughing)! Things just happened that were funny, and I guess you just had to be there!!!

So, we are going back a few months with the majority of these photos (you can tell by my hair). I think we shot them in March. I wanted to visit a new store in Dallas, called Double R. Double R is a custom fitting clothing store for women. Men have always been given the luxury of having their clothes custom fitted, so owners Ravi and Jen Ratan decided to offer this service to women by opening their first store. Ravi’s family has been in the custom clothing business for over fifty years. They have a selection of over one hundred beautiful fabrics that are sourced from the finest mills in the world.

How does this process work? If you are in Dallas, obviously you should run up to their store in Preston Center and get your self measured. The shirts are made to order and custom built using four simple measurements. The measurements are reviewed by their expert tailors and an individual pattern is constructed to create a perfect fit (which they keep for future orders). Then the hard part comes…you get to choose a style and a fabric. The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous! Each shirt or shirtdress comes with your monogram on the sleeve, mother of pearl buttons, accent and stitching colors, and many more details that you can read here. One of my favorite details, besides the cute monogram, is the invisible snap they place between the two top buttons. I really can’t stand when my button down shirts gape, and this prevents that.

What…you don’t live in Dallas??? No problem. Their website gives precise instructions through a video on the four simple measurements. Then you choose your fabric. It takes about three weeks to get the finished product. Should your shirt not fit perfectly, Double R offers an alteration credit up to $50 on your first order if adjustments are needed. If for some reason in can’t be altered, they will remake it at no charge.

My finished shirt is the beautiful blue and white gingham “boyfriend fit” I am wearing. I love it, and the fit is perfect. Most of my button downs have too much fabric through the middle, but this fits like a glove. If you have questions, either go see Ravi and Jen, email them… or call them (214) 360-7723 and they will be so happy to help you.

Have a great Monday!

Photos: Mary Summers

Shirt// Double R, Jeans// Paige Denim, Bag// Mansur Gavriel, Sandals// Sam Edelman leopard sandal