Good Morning, ladies! Here we are, starting another week which means we are closer to Fall. I hope Mother Nature gets the memo to start cooling things down. We are still enduring over 105 temps and will be through the rest of the week. I did see that a “cold” front is (God willing) moving in next week with temps in the high 90s! I will miss those days as I will be in Los Angeles, where it will be almost as warm! Note to self…I’m leaving Dallas for the majority of August next year! I know I have talked about the weather a lot, but when it’s this hot, that seems to be the topic of conversation around here.

It’s hard to talk about Fall fashion when it is so hot, but the stores are filling up with just that! I must admit that it excites me ( I love Fall clothes), but it’s hard to think about it right now; however, I am always doing my R&D for you all ( haha)! I ordered this adorable dress by Cara Cara a few weeks ago to start the transition into Fall. I love the vintage feel of the pattern and the puff sleeves on this 100% cotton dress. One of the dress trends for this Fall is a 50s-inspired silhouette that features cinched waists and fuller-volume skirts (as noted here). I think this dress has a bit of that feel to it. I added a fantastic cotton cardigan (I wore it the entire time in Montana a few weeks ago) with denim detail. I am obsessed with this cardigan! You will love this in the coming weeks if you are lucky to live in a cooler climate. I don’t love to wear red, but as I said here, red is the color for Fall. This dress has just enough red in it for me!

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I know you all have heard me yammer on about my eczema. Guess what? I went back to the dermatologist last week, and she gave me a prescription for Opzelura, and I am amazed at how much it has helped me! Opzelura is a topical cream that has changed my skin in about four days. I know a lot of you or your spouses have suffered from eczema. Please ask your doctor about this fantastic cream. I am so happy that it has worked for me!

I am off to take my grandkids to get their new school backpacks, lunch, and a fun event with Avara this afternoon. I hope you all have a great day!

Be well and Stay safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

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