collage of BURGUNDY AND TAN clothes, accessories, and makeup



Happy Friday! This week went by so fast! Guess what happened to me yesterday? I started getting many emails saying thanks for signing up for different websites. Most of them were in languages I couldn’t begin to understand. It was weird, so I spent the morning trying to unsubscribe or tell them to unsubscribe me.


After that was over, I got an email from Moda Operandi (a website I love) letting me know that they had received my order and that it was being processed. I couldn’t think of anything I ordered, so I clicked on it to see. I had ordered a pink Balenciaga bag (on sale for $900) and a Prada wool/cashmere mini bag ($2,350). The problem is, it wasn’t me that ordered them. My debit card got hacked, and someone picked some fun items to buy.

I spent the afternoon trying to get all of that figured out. Want to know the funny thing about all of it? Whoever ordered these pieces forgot to put their address on the shipping address, so these bags were going to ship to me. Too bad they weren’t anything I would have ordered! I canceled my card, and hopefully, that doesn’t happen again.

I know it’s still so hot outside, but school is starting for many kids, making me excited for fall. My favorite fall colors are those found in nature (fall leaves). I love burgundy and tan, and I found some pieces that are in my shopping carts now. Other colors you will see this fall are cobalt blue, Barbie pink, marigold, pastels (not so much for me), and lots of shimmer.

We have lunch and dinner plans tomorrow, but other than that, it will be a working weekend. My daughter-in-law and I will be at it again organizing the pantry. I can’t wait! Simple pleasures, right?

I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay well and be safe!