Sassy Snake Print Dress by Parker Sassy Snake Print Dress by Parker

Hi, everyone! How are you this morning? I am so excited because my daughter (who has been in Thailand for six weeks) is coming home tomorrow! I have only spoken to her twice since she has been gone (we have had short texts making sure she is okay) which has been very hard. She graduated from the yoga academy and has learned so much about Ayurveda and mindfulness, and I cannot wait to hear all about it. I am hoping she can teach me a thing or two! Additionally, I am starting on a journey to learn more about wellness and am seeing a woman on Friday that is a Reiki master and Ayurvedic wellness coach. I am fascinated with all of this and want to learn more. Today, I wanted to show you this fun and sassy snake print dress that can be worn so many places.

Sassy Snake Print Dress That Goes Everywhere

First of all, this sassy snake print dress is so slinky (goes with the print) and comfortable! It slips right over your head and is a breeze to travel with. Out to dinner, luncheons, weddings, just about anywhere you need to go, this dress will go with you! I chose to wear it with heels and a leather jacket, but come fall, how cute it will look with black boots (heel or flat) and a chunky black sweater over it for a totally different look. I would also throw a belt like this one at the waist! By the way, if you don’t have a black moto-style jacket, please put that on your shopping list for fall. I wear mine all year round with everything from jeans to black tie dresses.

Update On A Personal Note

This is totally off the subject, but if you all remember me writing this post on the Mona Lisa Touch (yes, it is about my vagina!), I wanted to give you an update. Not going to get too personal, but I had my yearly gyno appointment yesterday. It was the first time she has seen my vajayjay since the procedures. I am happy to tell you that instead of saying that it looked like the Sahara desert, she said it was extraordinarily healthy-looking and looks like a vagina that has not gone through menopause! Ladies, I am back in business!!!




Sassy Snake Print Dress by Parker Sassy Snake Print Dress by Parker Sassy Snake Print Dress by Parker Sassy Snake Print Dress by Parker Sassy Snake Print Dress by Parker

Heading out to work out this morning then getting fillers in my face this afternoon (yikes!). I always bruise like a mother-you-know-whater! Maybe I should do an Instagram story on how to cover dark purple bruises because I am likely to have one or two this afternoon. I will let you know! Have a great day, my friends! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

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