Black Leather Pieces



Well, hello there! We made it through another week! How are you all doing? Are you going on with life as normal yet, or are you still hunkering down? We are pretty much going on with life. I think that unless you have comorbidity or are vulnerable in some way, we have to move forward if we want to live life. Anyway, we headed out (the family here) to see the breast cancer wall at The Galleria in Dallas (where my portrait is hanging) last night, and then headed to dinner. My husband, son, daughter in law, and mom wanted to see it. This is the second time I’ve seen the wall, and I am just so grateful to be up there! I am also doing an interview on one of the news channels here on Monday (yikes!). I will be posting my annual breast cancer post soon!


Today is all about black leather. There is something so chic and cool about leather but especially black. Come this time of year; I am so ready to break out my black leather jacket and jeans. If you haven’t seen or heard, leather is HUGE for fall. Whether it is the real deal or faux leather, you need to add a piece or two to your closet. In my shopping outings recently, I’ve seen so much of it, and the faux leather looks just as good as the real thing.

However, I will warn you about something. I do not know what some manufacturers use in the lining of faux pieces, but it smells like fish! Not all of them do, but I would give a faux leather piece the sniff test before buying it. I turn the garment inside out and put my nose up to it. You will know what I am talking about if you smell it!

Two of the best faux leather blazers out there in black are this one and this one.

The great thing about most faux leather pieces is that they are so inexpensive. How chic is this sleeveless top? I actually bought this top and did the sniff test on it! I saw this skirt and think I should get it because it’s so stinking cute and the price! Do you need a puffer jacket this year? This one looks like black leather and right under $100!

This is off subject, but I wanted to show you this mighty little ring I just got. This is an Instant Bag Hanger. I get so mad when I go to lunch or dinner and can’t hang my purse on the back of a chair. I end up putting it in my lap. We are all trying to stay germ-free, and putting your bag on the floor is disgusting. This ring opens up extra wide to fit on a thick table and holds my (heavy) bags. It also comes in seven metal finishes. I bought a couple for myself and one for my mom. Just a thought, it would make a great stocking stuffer!

I have a busy day today.

I am doing a run-through for the interview on Monday this morning. The interview is on Zoom, and I am not so great with technology! My sweet friend, Debby, is coming over at noon to shop for the athletic wear brand that I have mentioned. I am shooting for the blog later today and then going to dinner with friends tonight. See, I’m getting out there, mask on!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay well! xx